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Summit Ascent Enterprises, LLC

Enterprise Transformation – Leadership Development
Delivering Sustainable Results 

Guiding organizations on their journey to achieve breakthrough objectives!

Are you looking for breakthrough results?

Are you looking for breakthrough results?


A leader's role is to turn disparate processes into a well balanced and integrated roadmap for change. Our ability to break through barriers and lead large scale transformations as a partner to our organizations is what sets us apart.

Andy Lopuchowycz, President 


With 28 years of management consulting and industry experience, I have been directly involved in the development and implementation of Lean Enterprise solutions for the past 25 years. while at Wiremold (a premier example of full Lean Enterprise in North America) I received my extensive Lean training from the founders of Shingijitsu, experts in the Toyota Production System.  Leveraging that training I have advanced my practice to continue to direct and develop highly diverse, multicultural organizations in union and non-union environments, with a focus on significant performance improvement for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

I am results oriented with a passion for excellence yet accessible and down to earth. I have led hundreds of business improvement teams globally to include Asia, Europe, South America and Mexico, with focus on developing sustainable results.

Specific Expertise

  • Lean Transformation

  • Change Management

  • Toyota Production System

  • Operational Excellence

  • Sales & Operations Planning

  • Strategy Development & Deployment

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Organizational Design

  • Talent Management

  • Performance Management including Metrics Correction, Problem Solving and High Bias for Action

  • New Product Development


  • Growth and Go-To Market Strategy Deployment & Development

  • Due Diligence & Post Merger Integration


Industry Experience

  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Automotive

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Medical Devices

  • Financial Services

  • Consumer Products




Breakthrough Results: 

Incremental goals result in incremental thinking (eg: shoot for 5% productivity and be happy when you achieve <3% by accident!)

Breakthrough means: You’ve never done it, and you don’t know how! 

…Let us show you the way!

If you say you can, you will.

If you say you cannot, you are correct.


Leverage our experience to guide you to realize that you
can –  and will – meet your organizational objectives
and achieve breakthrough results. 

Memorable, Measurable Results

Are you ready to ascend? Contact me to begin your climb to new levels of greatness in your organization. 

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When you’re ready for breakthrough results, we’re here to help.

Contact Us

When you’re ready for breakthrough results, we’re here to help.